ArcticCoin Cold wallet setup

ArcticCoin Cold wallet setup

This guide will assume you have a basic understanding of the command line.
Otherwise, please check the official documentation & our Reddit.

If you’re using Windows, I would suggest check the great Windows Cold wallet setup by @sidzero that you can find on the pinned in Discord’s#masternode channel.
If you’re using Linux, the commands are basically the same (except you should use another package manager).

If you don’t already have 1000 ARC, you can buy them on Cryptopia or Livecoin.

At the time of writing, a masternode costs ~100-200$.


Compile ArcticCoin on your Mac

In order to follow this tutorial, you will need:

Install the code

  • brew install autoconf automake berkeley-db4 libtool boost miniupnpc openssl pkg-config protobuf libevent
  • Checkout the code with git clone
  • cd arcticcoin
  • (optionnal) You might want to build the project for a specific version instead of HEAD. Use git checkout tags/v0.12.1.2 to checkout this specific version.
  • ./
  • ./configure --without-gui
  • make
  • make install : This makes a copy of the binaries to have them in PATH

Now you should set random RPC credentials on the arcticcoin.conf:

echo -e "rpcuser=arcticcoinrpc\nrpcpassword=$(xxd -l 16 -p /dev/urandom)" \
> "/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/ArcticCore/arcticcoin.conf"
chmod 600 "/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/ArcticCore/arcticcoin.conf"

Synchronize the wallet

First you need to run the following command

Now you should be able to run arcticcoind -daemon.

Check the progress of the sync by running arcticcoin-cli getinfo.
Once the "blocks" key is equal to the current block, it means your wallet is fully Synchronized.
Check the explorer to know the current block.

Secure you wallet

Your wallet is currently unencrypted, you SHOULD secure it with the following commands:

arcticcoin-cli encryptwallet A_LONG_PASSWORD_YOU_SHOULDNT_FORGET
=> Wallet encrypted; Arctic Core server stopping, restart to run with encrypted wallet. The keypool has been flushed, you need to make a new backup.
arcticcoind -daemon

You should backup your wallet.dat file at this point.

Setting up the masternode

Generate an address: arcticcoin-cli getaccountaddress mn1

Now send EXACTLY 1000 ARC to this address. Make sure to RECEIVE 1000 ARC, so if you’re sending from Cryptopia that would be 1000.01 ARC.
Check that you received exactly 1000 ARC by running arcticcoin-cli listtransactions.

Now, run the following commands:

arcticcoin-cli goldminenode genkey # Returns your 
arcticcoin-cli goldminenode outputs # Returns { "": "" }

Note the output of those 2 commands somewhere (I recommend a password manager like 1Password / Dashlane).

Deploy your VPS

I use Scaleway ( I won’t get too much into detail but create an account, register a credit card, set-up two factor authentication (optionnal).
It is also very important that you generate SSH keys, because password-protected servers are not the best in terms of security. Follow this guide:

Now we’re gonna create our masternode: click on “Create Server”, choose an easy name (eg. arc-mn-1), choose the instance type (VC1S is enough, 3€ / month), let the default Ubuntu Xenial, create it.

Now you SHOULD be able to connect by using ssh: ssh root@YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS.

Using other providers

I will edit this post in the future with more informations on how to setup the servers on different providers. If you do not wish to use Scaleway, I can recommend the use of the following providers:

  • Digital Ocean : Nice interface, starts at ~5$ per month
  • Vultr : Quite nice as well, can pay with Bitcoin, starts at ~2.5$
  • Aruba : Pretty cheap (1€ / month) but the interface is terrible and you have to pay upfront

The setup should be quite similar: create a server running ubuntu, and ssh into the machine to follow the rest of the tutorial.

Configure your VPS

Once you’re logged via ssh, run the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install -y build-essential software-properties-common autoconf libssl-dev libboost-dev libboost-chrono- dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-test-dev libboost- thread-dev sudo automake git software-properties-common
add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin -y
apt-get update
apt-get install libdb4.8-dev bsdmainutils libdb4.8++-dev -y
mkdir ~/arc
cd ~/arc
apt-get install wget nano -y
tar -xvf arcticcore-0.12.2-linux64.tar.gz
mv arcticcore-0.12.1/* ./
rm arcticcore-0.12.2-linux64.tar.gz
rm -r arcticcore-0.12.1/
cp -v ~/arc/bin/* /usr/local/bin/
arcticcoind –daemon

Ensure it’s working by running the arcticcoin-cli getinfo command.

Now stop the daemon with arcticcoin-cli stop, and edit the file located at ~/.arcticcore/arcticcoin.conf.

Fill it with these informations:



Then restart the server with arcticcoind -daemon.

Start your goldmine from your local wallet

Open the file located at ~/Library/Application\ Support/ArcticCore/goldminenode.conf, and add a line to that it looks like:

mn1 :7209   

And restart your the daemon: arcticcoin-cli stop && arcticcoind -daemon.

Now start your goldmine:

arcticcoin-cli walletpassphrase YOURPASSPHRASE 120 # unlock your wallet
arcticcoin-cli goldminenode start-all

You should see an output showing your node(s). Check that your goldmine is connected by doing:

arcticcoin-cli goldminenode list | grep 

After 20-30 min you should see this state go from PRE_ENABLED to ENABLED. It means your node is ready to get coins ! 🙂

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